Overview of the New Testament

A Survey of the New Testament is intended to provide an overview of the books of the New Testament, to give special attention to the coming of the King and to bring particular emphasis to the continued transformation of God’s New Covenant people as they await His Return.

Week 1

Class 1. Overview. Handout

The Kingdom of God and the Gospel

Week 2

Class 2. Epistle of Hebrews. Handout

A Timeline of New Testament Events

Week 3

Class 3. Matthew. Handout

Week 4

Class 4. Mark. Handout

Week 5

Class 5. Luke. Handout

Week 6

Class 6. John. Handout

Week 7

Class #7. Acts. Handout

Week 8

Romans Handout

Week 9

Romans. Part 2. Handout

Week 10

No Outline for Week 10

Week 11

2 Corinthians. Handout

Week 12

Galatians. Handout

Paul’s First Missionary Journey

Week 13

Ephesians. Handout

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey

Week 14

Colossians and Philemon. Handout

The Gift of Self Forgetfulness

Week 15

1 Thessalonians. Class 15

Week 16


Week 17


Week 18


Week 19

Class 19. 2 Timothy

Week 20

Class 20. Titus

Week 21


Week 22

2 Peter. Handout